Utrics for sale

From: JWi5770869@aol.com
Date: Wed Feb 17 1999 - 14:23:30 PST

Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 17:23:30 EST
From: JWi5770869@aol.com
To: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
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Subject: Utrics for sale

Dear All,

Looking thru the latest issue of 'Practical Fishkeeping' (march issue
available from UK WH Smiths etc) I came across the following Utrics for sale:

U.gibba (page 66) 5 plants for 1.09
                  25 plants for 4.79
>From Java Aquarium Planting
PO Box105
Cheshire UK M33 3TY

Phone:0161 962 7787


U.vulgaris (carpet plant)???? page 101
29 pence each or 1.23 for 5 plants

>From Green Line Aquatic Direct
The Orchard
Hospital Drove Phone:01406 364949
Long Sutton
Lincs PE12 9EL

I can't vouch for their quality (perhaps someone could?)or what sort of water
they're kept in but I'm thinking of purchasing some when the warmer weather

Steve Gordon from Liverpool, can you send me your email address as I lost it
when my computer crashed.

John 'wishing I was in Australia RIGHT NOW' Wilden

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