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Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 21:58:59 PST

Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 16:58:59 +1100
From: "Ross Rowe" <>
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Subject: Re: Plants and seeds available

Hi Tom

Ross from Canberra Australia responding:

I would be interested to see more details of the seed you have
available for trade, I am only able to import seed (or I think
sealed TC cultures ) for quarantine reasons.

My stock of seed for trade is unfortunately a bit limited, but I may
have some seed of some local CP like D. peltata, U. dichotoma
(soon), U. monanthos(soon) which I could trade. I have other seed
but it tends to be more common material like binata, burmanni,
spatulata - I can also access seed listed on the ACPS seed bank as I
am a member of the Soc. I also have contact with a number of local
growers, for whom I coordinate some informal meetings to share
plants around. This includes a couple of Nep enthusiasts whom I
know would be particularly keen on Nep seed.

Any way perhaps we can talk/write further on what we could trade or
provide each other.

Regards Ross Rowe Canberra Australia

>>> Tom Massey <> 17/02/1999 3:58:36 am >>>
For those interested:

I have a number of Neps. and a few other CPs available for trade or
 sale. Neps. include bicalcurata, sanguinea, truncata,
 rafflesianna, gracilis, others, and a few hybrids like tricocarpa.
 This is all TC or rooted cuttings. I will also have cuttings in a
 month or so of N. ampullaria, and amp. Cantley's red. (or is it
 Kantley?) I also have a few VFT varieties incuding an all green,
 red dragon, and the cup shaped (we gotta come up with a name for
 that!). I would prefer trading as opposed to selling; fresh or
 rooted cuttings or TC is fine. Neps preferred but other CPs okay
 too. Sorry, domestic only.

For seeds I have a number of fresh Sarrs., both species and hybrids,
most of the hybrids are F1's or F1 back to a species. Seed I can
send anywhere in exchange for seed of Nep, Drosera, or anything of

I may owe someone something, if I do, don't hesitate to remind me.

Respond to my email rather than the list.

Okay end of advertisement,

Tom in Fl.

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