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Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 09:00:04 PST

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Also, I note that S. leuco x S. rubra = S. x readii, but is this for S.
rubra ssp. rubra, or all subspecies of the rubra complex? Would it have a
different name if you used S. rubra alabamensis, etc., or would you just
note the particular subspecies that was used? The same question goes for S.
x rehderi, and all other rubra hybrids.
I'm planning on experimenting a bit this year with my plants and would like
to know the correct names. Thanks in advance for your help.
                REPLY: If you view the S. rubra complex as one species with
many subspecies (or varieties), the hybrids would all be S. rehderi. And,
they may look vastly different since S. alabamensis has a VERY different
appearance than S. rubra rubra.

                If, however, you view the S. rubra complex as several
species and subspecies, as I view it, then a hybrid involving S. jonesii,
for example, could be given a new hybrid name. Likewise, using S.
alabamensis ssp. wherryi (and NOT calling it S. rubra ssp. wherryi) you
could give your hybrid a new name because it involves a "different species,"
so to speak..

                To be sure, this would complicate nomenclature. But it is
complicated already with people having different views of what is a species,
subspecies etc.


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