Re: Devil's Claw (Ibicella or Proboscoidea)

Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 17:16:50 PST

Date:          Mon, 15 Feb 1999 17:16:50 
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Subject:       Re: Devil's Claw (Ibicella or Proboscoidea)

Dear Ted,

> I just want to add some notes about the Devil's Claw (Ibicella or
> Proboscoidea) and its native environment in the Sonoran Desert of southern
> Arizona. As a Tucson (AZ) native, my family always collected the dried seed
> pods of the Devil's Claw for decorations and craft projects. This plant is
> common in S. AZ, almost to the point of being troublesome in some areas.

_Ibicella_ is definitely not native in AZ. Its natural range is
limited to subtropical S America. What you have is certainly

Kind regards

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