Nepenthes species

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Date: Fri Feb 05 1999 - 12:58:11 PST

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Subject: Nepenthes species

Hello everyone,
                I am brand new 2 the listserve, so thought I should do something about
introducing myself. I live in Australia, in a small town called Bundanoon,
located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. We are 680 metres
above sea level, so we get some frosts & temps down 2 minus 6 degrees.
                With such conditions I grow the Sarracenia genus, along with the North
American Droseras, the hardy D. binata complex, Utricularia, some South
African Droseras, & the beautiful Heliamphoras. I find that my Sarras
really do love the icy winters, as they flower the best after some good
freezes, & my seeds come up like weeds, after being exposed 2 the numerous
frosts. At present I grow my Sarracenias out in the open in a large
trough, 6 cm deep. They love this outdoor posy, & tend 2 colour up very
nicely & produce numerous offsets along the rhizomes. I do help them along
by removing the old pitcher bases, which usually reveals the dormant buds,
as well as the occasional notching here & there.
                Of late I have been getting in2 the S. rubra subspecies, as in the past I
was more so interested in the S. flava complexes (2 which I still am, & I
am always looking out 4 the rarer varieties & forms). The beautiful S.
rubra ssp. alabamensis would have 2 be my fave one, as the Autumn pitchers
are really something else.
                A bit of history about me. I first got in2 the c.p's when I was about 8
or 9 years old, with the trusty old ambassador, the Venus Flytrap! I was
actually very lucky from the outset, & have never stopped since then. I
didn't get in2 the Sarracenia Genus until I was about 13, having obtained
my first S.X readii from the 'Big Banana' in Coffs Harbour. It went on 2
be a very healthy & dividable plant. At that stage I was living in
Wollongong, on the coast of NSW. I was quite happy with this & a few weedy
D.capensis alongside my robust D. muscipulas. I finally moved back 2 my
home area of the Southern Highlands when I was 24, & that is when my
passion really exploded! I am now 26 & have quite a few plants in my
collection. Soon I will be moving 2 Bowral, close 2 the 'Babe country' of
Robertson, & I will have access 2 a glasshouse! It will be my first time
in such a structure, so it will be interesting 2 see how the plants like
it. As I grow the hardy genera outdoors over Winter, I will leave it as a
cool 2 cold greenhouse. It is quite exciting 2 say the least!
                I best sign off 4 now. I hope that I haven't bored too many people. I
am looking 4ward 2 all of the hints & info that I will discover on the
Listserve. By 4 now.


Nathan J.Clemens


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