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From: Barry Meyers-Rice (
Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 11:16:44 PST

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 11:16:44 -0800 (PST)
From: Barry Meyers-Rice <>
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Subject: Announcing the CP Web Ring


Hello all CP Web Masters!

Let me tell you about

For as long as I've maintained the CP FAQ, I've been battling with the
notion of how we can keep an updated list of CP Web sites. If you look at
Yahoo or other search engines, you will see that the majority of great web
sites owned by CPers are not easily found. Now we have a solution for

I've been working with the inestimable Web Guru Derek Glidden on
developing a "Web Ring" for carnivorous plant web sites. A Web Ring is a
set of sites that are all joined by a linking icon at the bottom of each
participating site. The linking icon has front/back buttons so you can
travel from the site you are on, to the preceding and following web sites
in the Ring. There are also links the the Web Ring home where there is a
list of everyone participating on the list.


The great benefits of the Web Ring are two-fold.

First, this is finally a way of getting a good list of CP web sites
together in one place. People surfing the web will be able to easily move
from one site to another. The list of sites will be kept at the Web Ring
home, providing another way of surfing sites. There are amazing sites on
the web which are hard to find by the search engines. The Web Ring will
show you where they are.

Second, the Web Ring will vastly increase traffic to your CP Web Site.
This is because your web site will be linked to other heavily travelled
sites. I will shortly upload v7.0 of the CP FAQ, which will have a number
of links to the Web Ring. The Ring is also featured at the ICPS web site.
Furthermore, I expect that the on-line nurseries will be joining the Web
Ring (nurseries, private web sites are all welcome) and while they will be
benefiting from free publicity, your web site will benefit from heightened
traffic. When we stabilize some aspects of the Web Ring, we will register
it with the appropriate search engines.

Unlike other Web Rings, by joining you will not have to have annoying ads
printed on your web site. This is because, with the programming prowess of
Derek Glidden, we do not have to rely on professional services.

I am very excited about the CP Web Ring. It is one of those ideas which,
once you think about it, seems vastly overdue! It is all possible, of
course, by the marvelous work done by the following:

Derek Glidden ( Ring Guru. Derek is also
              web guy for the Tampa Bay CP Club.
Jay Lechtman ( President
Barry Meyers-Rice (, CPN editor. I
              also am the keeper of the CP FAQ.

----HOW TO JOIN...

In order to be fair to everyone, sites on the CP Web Ring *must* have
significant CP content, of course. We do not want to include sites
which are just lists of links to other sites---the Web Ring will already
serve this function. A good Web Ring site must have new content. Photos,
text, good stuff.

So if you are proud of your CP web site, go to the Web Ring home and sign
on. Each site will be looked at by Derek, myself, and ICPS president Jay
Lechtman to make sure it is appropriate and then you can follow the
instructions and join! We are just starting out (last I looked the Web
Ring just had test sites on it) but it looks great already. Yay Derek!

Again, the site is:

The Web Ring is still evolving a little, but 95% of the work is done and
it is time to have your site added to the list! During this initial phase,
please be understanding and if you see a way we can improve the Web Ring,
YOUR Web Ring, please contact us!



Dr. Barry A. Meyers-Rice
Carnivorous Plant Newsletter
Conservation Coeditor

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