Back from Neblina!

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Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 23:26:12 PST

Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 08:26:12 +0100
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Subject: Back from Neblina!


Hi all,

as Fernando pointed out the Neblina-trip was a great experience and a
long-time dream coming true for all of us!
I just received back my 53 rolls (!) of slide films and most of them
(except the many slides with white birds on - hi Fernando...!) turned
out quite well.

Unfortunately Joe Nerz, Katrin Hinderhofer, Cristoph Scherber,
Mauricio Piliackas and myself had to return to work after Neblina
itself while Fernando, Gert Hoogenstrijd and Ed Read could continue
to Venezuela.

I should soon have pictures showing some of the CPs we've seen on my
web page but will announce this as soon as I have made the scans and
put them onto the page.

Sorry to the people who wrote e-mails to me while I was in Brazil. I
still did not answer all of them but I'm working hard. Thanks for
your patience.



On 27 Jan 99, at 15:40, Fernando Rivadavia Lopes wrote:

> To all,
> First of all happy 1999 to everyone!! I've just returned from
> the wildest CP expedition I've ever been on. I spent nearly 6 weeks
> exploring around teh Amazon Basin in Northern Brazil with some friends. We
> also took a quick hop into Venezuela where we wanted to climb Mt.Roraima,
> but didn't have time. So we hung around the Gran Sabana -- which was not
> bad ta all: about 30 CP species!!
> The main objective of this trip was to reach the unreachable
> Mt.Neblina. It was extremely difficult, and for many days we thought we
> would never even be able to begin the expedition, much less reach the top.
> But in the end we made it -- don't try this at home, kids! CPs were not as
> common as we imagined up there and although we found some fantastic
> things, like H.tatei var.neblinae, we didn't find THE species that dragged
> me all the way up there: the magnificent D.meristocaulis.
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