can ozone affect seed germination?

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Date: Sun Jan 24 1999 - 00:39:34 PST

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 01:39:34 -0700
From: "Christensen" <>
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Subject: can ozone affect seed germination?

I'm trying to germinate some Utric seeds in a terrarium.
Humidity: varies between 60-80 percent.
Temperature: varies between 35-18 Celcius.
Photoperiod: 10 hours of light, two 33 watt bulbs, 5cm from source.
I've waited about a month and haven't seen any germination.

I wonder, can ozone affect seed germination?
The fan inside my terrarium circulates the air very well.
However, when I remove the terrarium lid I can smell ozone.
I guess, the fan uses brushes. It uses 120VAC.

Once, I though I saw damp-off fungus attacking my Utric seeds.
Now, I'm not sure if it is there or gone.
The same fungus ruined most of my Sarracenia seeds.
The attack on my Sarra seeds happened so fast it appeared to
come from some flower debris that was with the seeds.
I bought a systemic fungicide to use if damp-off appears, again
in my Utric seeds and my new Sarra seeds.
I sterilized my soil in a microwave, with some water.

Maybe, my Utric seeds need some warm and real sunlight.
I am using the tray method to water them and I am spraying them
with 'clean' water about 1 or 2 times per day.
I must admit, some days I forget to do that.
The water level is usually less than 4cm below soil level.

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