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Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 20:58:00 PST

Date:    Mon, 25 Jan 99 23:58 EST
From: Dave                                 <T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU>
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Subject: Re: Re: VFT & Dried Flies

Hi Rand,

> VFTs are used to forming seals areound trapped live and _struggling_
> insects.

   Yes. But it has been my experience that both moisture and
movement count for getting the VFT to digest pre-killed food.

> If you feel that you have to feed them, and it is not necessary
> to feed them over the winter if you put them out doors for the summer, you
> will have to wiggle the dried insect around for a while at the end of a pin
> to get the traps to close.

    The VFT I had outside (now inside) have already woke up and
think it's spring. They are growing new leaves and traps. Even
the remaining traps from last year have become able to trap and
digest again. They are also growing flowers and I think feeding them
now even though it's still winter is a good idea.

> The traps could also be overstimulated, if they
> are being fed a lot.

    I agree with Rand: You doen't really need to feed the plants
much. I think four or five good 'meals' would be enough food
for a year. And even indoor plants should be able to catch this
much, unless they are inside sealed terrariums.

Dave Evans

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