Re: _S. psittacina_ problem

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Date: Sun Jan 24 1999 - 03:18:47 PST

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 07:18:47 -0400
From: Rand Nicholson <>
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Subject: Re: _S. psittacina_ problem

Hi Tierney:

Are you giving these plants a proper _cold_ dormancy?

>Hi everyone,
>I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with; I've never found a
>reference to it in any literature. I've had a S. psittacina plant for
>several years, and it was growing fine until last spring. Then, it
>didn't produce any normal traps, just these long thin upright leaves
>with little nodules at the end which never opened into a trap. They were
>very weak and would pull right off. By the end of the summer I had
>gotten frustrated with it and I cut off all the growth, but it grew back
>just the same. I'm hoping to figure out what caused this before I run
>into this problem this spring!
>Oh, I also have an S. purpurea which is doing the same sort of thing to
>a lesser degree, also producing normal traps. These plants are in
>different places but both receive good sun, so I don't think it's a
>problem with the light, and I've never observed any insect pests. I'm
>worried that it's a virus.
>If anyone has any ideas or has had the same experience, I would love to
>hear about it!


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