Re: Pinguicula luscitanica and P. moranensis

Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 08:21:23 PST

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 11:21:23 EST
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Subject: Re: Pinguicula luscitanica and P. moranensis

David and list,

your growing method sounds perfect....

> One of the things that's bothering me is that the plants are maybe 1 cm in
> diameter. Is this the right size for luscitanica? They have never formed
> winter buds (Should they?), and the leaves have always seemed to be very
> curled.

the plants are generally small to begin with and while some of mine have
gotten larger, don't ever expect to see a plant larger than 2 cm.... Or if
there are people out there with a clone that does get that large, please
contact me - I want seed! This species doesn't form a winter but and the
leaves are supposed to be rolled at the edges. Again, nothing wrong here
> I also have a question about P. moranensis. I removed the pot from a tray
> of water maybe 1 to 2 months ago to try to induce winter dormancy. I have
> watered the pot occasionally, maybe once every 2 weeks for fear that the
> plants would dry out too much. They are still catching insects
> and I'm concerned that I'm not giving them the winter dormancy they need.
> Any suggestions? Should I get tough!

Mine seem to go dormant more based on photoperiod. Certain species such as P.
gypsicola and P. heterophylla definitely need a dry dormant period, but don't
get too tough on moranensis :)

Take care & keep on growing,

Thomas Hayes

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