some photomicrographs and a neat kit

Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 20:45:56 PST

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 20:45:56 -0800
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Subject: some photomicrographs and a neat kit

Hi All,

Here are a couple of photomicrographs that I found that you might be
interested in:

Drosera leaf hair cross section:

This photo is by Randy Moore/Visuals Unlimited, in "Biology," by Raven, P.
H., and Johnson, G. B., 1986. This is a good intro biology text of about
freshman college level.

Caption: "A complex multicellular hair from the leaves of the Sundew,
Drosera. Such hairs secrete the enzymes that the plant uses to digest the
bodies of its insect prey."


Arthrobotrys conoides, the neamotode-trapping fungus, with a trapped

This photo is from the Carolina Biological Supply catalog, 1999.

Caption: "Arthrobotrys conoides, the nematode trapping fungus. From
AA-15-5802 Carnivorous Fungus Kit"

Text from higher up on the same page:

* Carnivorous Fungus Kit
For a class of 30. Students subculture and then observe the growth of the
soil fungus Arthrobotrys conoides on cornmeal agar plates. When Rhabditis,
a nematode, is inoculated into these plates, the fungus traps, digests, and
absorbs the nematode's internal contents. We know of no more graphic way to
teach absorbtive nutrition of fungi. The exercise requires 10 days from
setup to completion. The exercise requires the use of a stereomicroscope.
With teacher instructions.
    Arthrobotrys conoides Plate Culture
    Rhabditis tube culture (on potato plug medium)
    2 bottles cornmeal agar
    10 sterile petri dishes
    metal innoculating loop
    Autoclave disposal bag

AA-15-5802 Per Kit $31.75

+1-800-334-5551, have your VISA card ready. :-)

Ted A. Hadley, Senior Mineralogist
Mineralogical Investigation Services Sunnyvale, CA 94087 USA

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