Re: _Drosera sessilifolia_

Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 16:40:46 PST

Date:          Thu, 21 Jan 1999 16:40:46 
Message-Id: <aabcdefg181$foo@default>
Subject:       Re: _Drosera sessilifolia_

Dear Matt,

> I
> think Fernando (where are you? email me if you're back!) mentioned
> sessilifolia is very similar to burmanii but my plants look exactly the
> same so far

Why do you write "but"? I do not see any contradiction.

> They're only a couple months old and probably wont flower for a while.
> Opinions, anyone?

Without a flower, I guess no human being will be able to tell these
two species apart (if they are not labeled, of course). And even with
a flower, they are sufficiently similar to be regarded as a single
species. The only substantial reason (of doubtful validity) why this
is generally not done is the huge geographic disjunction of the two

Kind regards

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