Re: D. schizandra

Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 17:25:09 PST

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 20:25:09 EST
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Subject: Re: D. schizandra

Angie and list,

> Has anyone used any kind of insecticide on D. schizandra without frying
> the plant? My one plant looks like it may have spider mites. The

Perhaps orthene.... I have been using this on a wide variety of CP with no
ill effects, Just about everything else seems to kill schizandra :( Even if
it doesn't work, the mites will kill it anyway.....

> leaves are alamost transparent and the older leaves have holes in them.

Are they getting too much light? And how big are the holes in the leaves?
Break off a leaf and get out a hand lense. You will know really quick if you
have mites and if you don't, then you just have a leaf cutting on your hands:)

> I have been spraying them with a forceful jet of water to remove any

I would think this would do more harm than good?

My personal suggestion would be to ditch the whole thing if orthene doesn't
work. It is much easier to get another plant, (want to trade?) than to get
rid of a spider mite infestation!


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