Th. Carow CP calendar - new US source!!! (ad)

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Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 07:20:37 PST

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 16:20:37 +0100
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Subject: Th. Carow CP calendar - new US source!!! (ad)

[ Summary:
  This is an advertising for the CP calendar by Thomas Carow. I was
  asked to post a contact address of a volunteer for a US collective
  order of this calendar. If you're not interested please excuse this
  posting - it will be the last one of this kind!]

Dear CPers!

In my posting ( )
from 11/19/1998 I was looking for volunteers for collective orders
of the fantastic 1999 CP calendar by Thomas Carow and promised to
get back to you with an US address to order.

The volunteer for collective orders in the USA is:

Thomas K. Hayes ( )
7420 Tillman Drive
Falls Church, VA 22043

His price within the USA was set to $34 plus $4.00 shipping - a great
bargain compared to the German list price of about $40 plus internat.

Those of you who already saw it know that it's not too late although
it's a 1999 calendar. But it's also a HUUUUUGE picture book which
makes a great gift and of course a collector's item for any serious
CP fan. See Thomas' website ( ) for
great photographs of the calendar (many thanks to Andreas Wistuba
for permission to use these!!!).

Please contact Thomas Hayes for any questions. Please understand
that this is a collective order which needs your timely participation
as this might be done only once - there's no guarantee for a second
order and the actual time of order (the deadline for your orders)
depends on your response. Don't wait too long!

Best regards, Stefan Wolf.

Dipl.-Inform. Stefan P. Wolf
mail : Zehlendorfer Str. 69, 24111 Kiel, GERMANY
phone: (+49 431) 5973173 * fax: (+49 431) 697568
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