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Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 10:53:38 PST

Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 18:53:38 +0000
From: Phil Wilson <>
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Subject: Re: Biggest drosera's

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>Hi all
>A few days ago I've asked which are the most impressive drosera's in size. I'm
>thinking about D. gigantea, D. regia, D. indica, D. macrophylla... Who knows
>other giants ? Jan, maybe... ?
Depends how you measure them. For sheer volume of trapping area you have
to go some to beat the large D. dichotoma and D. binata forms. In terms
of height the prize probably goes to some of the upright climbing
tuberous Drosera. I have had species such as D. macrantha or D. pallida
get to at least 1.5 Meters height, perhaps more.

Phil Wilson
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