Re: Biggest drosera's

Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 17:19:13 PST

Date:          Tue, 19 Jan 1999 17:19:13 
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Subject:       Re: Biggest drosera's

Dear Laurent,

> A few days ago I've asked which are the most impressive drosera's in
> size. I'm thinking about D. gigantea, D. regia, D. indica, D.
> macrophylla... Who knows other giants ? Jan, maybe... ?

It of course depends on growing conditions. Certainly the plants can
be cultivated in such a manner that the interest of visitors focuses
on _D. spatulata_ rather than on _D. regia_. But if grown at its
best, the latter will certainly make a significant crowd overlook (or
at least forget for a short time) the rest of the genus.

_D. gigantea_ has (for me, at least) never been nearly as impressive
as its name. There are species with larger leaves than _D.
macrophylla_ (e.g. _D. regia_) and with larger flowers than _D.
macrantha_. In the latter respect some forms of _D. cistiflora_ and
_D. pauciflora_ can be quite a show.

_D. indica_ is a nice unusual plant but some spectators may find it
somewhat untidy-looking.

If you spend some time with _Drosera_, you will learn to appreciate
the thrills of even the tiny and common species. I am at a loss to
tell which is the most spectacular or even only my favourite species.
I like them all, and I would not want to miss (in terms of
extinction; I do not cultivate _Drosera_) any of them.

Kind regards

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