Re: Roridula questions

Date: Mon Jan 11 1999 - 17:56:44 PST

Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 20:56:44 EST
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Subject: Re: Roridula questions

Jonathan and list,

> First, how do I get them to germinate? I have heard that they are tough
> little suckers. Would scratching the seed coat, boiling, fire, gibb
> acid, or other similar treatment help? Or is this kind of abuse
> unnecesarry for Roridula?

I can't say if all that is necessary..... I planted 6 seeds and got 2 to
germinate without anything fancy at all. And the seed sat here for two years
before I planted it..... I just put them in a tray of 50/50 peat sand, put a
humidity dome on it and sat it in a west window. A friend's child
thoughtfully pulled out the seed tags in the interim and I forgot about them
for about 6-7 months.... Then I saw something coming up. In fact, and I am
ashamed to admit it, I pulled one out thinking it was a weed before I realized
what it was! (Oops.... to CP hell I go)
> Second: when and if they do germinate, how do I care for them? Soil,
> light, humidity, etc... basically I can put them where it is cool,
> bright and wet with my Helis; warmer, dimmer and equally moist with my
> Neps, Byblis, Droseras, etc...; or under "hard" conditions with
> Brocchinia. What would be best?

The remaining plant has been growing very well, again without any special
care. It is sitting under fluorescent lights and enclosed in a humidity
dome. That's it.
I would say the conditions would be best described as moist, bright and warm.

> PS- Although I realize that this is a long shot, I thought it would be
> really cool to have a colony of assassin bugs on them. I know this has
> been done by researchers, but I don't think the local PetSmart has much
> in the way of a Capsid Bug aisle... so does anyone know of a source?

If you find any, please advise so I can get some for mine :)

Take care & keep on growing,

Thomas K. Hayes


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