growing Sarracenia in Oklahoma

Date: Sat Jan 02 1999 - 19:29:09 PST

Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 21:29:09 -0600
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Subject: growing Sarracenia in Oklahoma

     I live in Eastern Oklahoma, and I would like to know if my climate
would be suitable to grow Sarracenias, and maybe Dioneas outside,
unfortunatly, some times the temperatures can be around 45 degrees
celcius (112 F) for a week on end, I would probably water daily. I most
likely wouldnt be able to water at noon though, just mornings and
evenings. The humidity is exceptionaly variable, but stays 60-70% RH
most of the time during the summer. I will be able to keep them from
freezing during winter.

                            Thank You,
                Don Drury

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