Re: More weird things with my Drosera Capensis

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Date: Sun Jan 03 1999 - 01:11:23 PST

Date: Sun, 03 Jan 1999 22:11:23 +1300
From: Andrew  Broome <>
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Subject: Re: More weird things with my Drosera Capensis

Charles wrote...
>Some of my D. capensis are still producing the split leaves so now my
>plants are producing regular and split leaves someone suggested that it
>may be a staghorn sundew but it wouldnt have produced the capensis
>leaves too would it? Someone else's D adelae did basically the same mine
>is doing and there was a pic on the digest mine looks similar except
>mine are split about one inch give or take. I cannot think of my this
>could be happening so if anyone can give me some insight or even just
>share a strange happening with your plants that would be great!

The only time I've seen something similar in my D. capensis (in this
case, the 'alba' form) was just after treating the plant with 'Malathion'
(maldison) to shift some persistant aphids. A leaf or two later they
came right.

My guess is that it was some sort of response to extreme stress from
the (nasty) chemical on the leaves that were forming at the time the
spray was applied.

Just my thoughts...


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