Sarracenia dormancy

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Date: Sat Jan 02 1999 - 13:03:07 PST

Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 15:03:07 -0600
From: "Jon T. Lindstrom" <>
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Subject: Sarracenia dormancy

Trent Meeks writes:

>I've talked to a couple of Digest regulars about
>removing my Sarrs. from their pots, rinsing them clean, putting the tubers,
>sans leaves, into zip lock bags, and then depositing them for two months in
>the lower regions of the refrigerator. I don't want to lose these babies.
>Any comments or advice on this procedure?
I grow my Sarracenias in New Zealand Sphagnum moss. In the late fall, I put
pot and all in a plastic bag and place them in the butter comparment of
my refrigerator (S. oreophila and flava seedlings). I check them every three
weeks or so and remove them from cold storage in late January. They survive
fine. I do not remove the leaves or remove the substrate from the roots.
Jon T. Lindstrom
Fayetteville, AR

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