Re: CP digest 564Nepenthes Growing Tips

Christopher Creel (
Tue, 19 Dec 95 9:02:57 MST

Thanks for bringing up the FAQ on Nepenthes. I wrote that last year
and have left it alone to see what critisism it would generate.
Sadly, not one person has torn it to shreds. Unfortunetely, I can't
believe that it is as good as it could be.

So I have a request:

All of you novices who read the FAQ, let me know what you thought!
Was is reasonable? Did you kill any of your plants using it?

All of you experts who read the FAQ, did you think I was blowing smoke
up your dress? What tricks and tips have do you have that I did not
include? Not to worry, I will give full credit for any suggestions!

Remember, the more successfull Nepenthes growers there are, the more
cuttings for me :)