Re: Drosophyllum lusitanica

Brett Lymn (
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 15:53:26 +1030 (CST)

According to carl strohmenger:
>There have been a few interesting articles posted _in re_ Drosophyllum
>lusitanica in the last few days. I have read of this species in Cheer's
>and Slack's books. I would like to try growing it. Is there a source of
>seeds? I would like to obtain some seeds if anyone has harvested some
>recently. Thanks.

Me too me too (maybe....). I have some rather old seed (about 3 - 4
years) that I have been trying to sprout. I have not had any success
with it up to now. I tried Manfred's suggestion of soaking in dilute
acid but it has been quite a few weeks since I sowed those seeds and I
have not seen anything. So, does anyone have any idea how long
Drosophyllum seeds are viable for? I did manage to sprout some of the
seeds from this batch years ago but they damped off, so I believe the
seeds _were_ alright once upon a time but I am not sure if they still

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