Jean-Philippe Gauvin (
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 21:04:42 +0000

Hello everyone !

My name is Jean-Philippe Gauvin and I live in Quebec city, Canada.
I started to grow pc just recently because I wanted to try something
different and more chalenging than "ordinary" house plants.

I bought the classical VFT and a Pinguicula Vulgaris and I plan not
to kill them for as long as possible...

I could'nt find enough information on the net except for the cp faq and
this list, so could anyone send me information and tips on how to grow
succesfully my VFT and P. Vulgaris or just where I could get those

Since those informations maybe of no interest for the advanced grower
who subscribed to this list, you may mail your answer directly to me. I
cant wait to ear from you all... Many thanks in advance.