Carlstrom_Rick (
15 Dec 95 16:16:00 EST

For those who are interested, a phototron is a large terrarium with
lots of built in lights on the top and sides. They are usually
marketed to the home marijuana grower. I have seen them advertised in
National Lampoon years ago but have no idea about their availability
or cost.

Be advised if you buy one try to pay cash and don't leave your
name. BATF and DEA periodically seize the customer lists of companies
selling items like phototrons (they believe its drug paraphernalia).
The list is then used to identify suspected drug dealers, issue a
warrant, and pay you a visit SWAT team style. This is not paranoia.
Check your back issues of CPN. A CP'er was on a list of suspected
drug dealers simply because he bought a set of florescent grow lights
mail order.

Happy Growing