a new family of cps

Jan Schlauer (Jan@pbc-ths1.pci.chemie.uni-tuebingen.de)
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 13:02:59 +0100

Dear cpers,

Well, not really a new family (because the name of which was proposed
validly some time ago, already). And the name of the single species
concerned will probably sound rather familiar...

A paper dealing with the wood anatomy of _Drosophyllum_ has appeared:

CARLQUIST, S. & WILSON, E.J. (1995) "Wood anatomy of _Drosophyllum_
(Droseraceae): Ecological and phylogenetic considerations",

This article completes (IMHO) a series of other contributions leading to a
rather grave step in cp classification.

Considering the convergent evidence which was compilded from as different
fields as wood anatomy, foliar anatomy, floral anatomy and morphology,
palynology, chorology, and (last but not least) gene sequence homology, I
think that inclusion of _Drosophyllum_ in Droseraceae can no longer be
supported. The affinities of the genus to various other families
(especially Dioncophyllaceae and Nepenthaceae) are at least as marked as
those to Droseraceae.

It is therefore preferable to treat _Drosophyllum lusitanicum_ as the sole
member of a separate family Drosophyllaceae. This is in partial agreement
with the views of CHRTEK, SLAVIKOVA & STUDNICKA (1989) "Beitrag zur
Leitbuendelanordnung in den Kronblaettern von ausgewaehlten Arten der
fleischfressenden Pflanzen", Preslia 61:107-124. (who put *all* genera of
Droseraceae into monotypic families, which I would not support, however).

We should find a way to incorporate the corresponding (and I think
necessary) nomenclatural change in the cp database on the web without
creating too much confusion. Any comments or recommendations are welcome.

Kind regards