Re: CP book
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 12:23:01 +0000

I am now working on the revised edition of my CP book and would like
to invite anyone of the group who has read it to send me comments
(positive and negative!).

Furthermore, I am going to change most of the pictorial materials, so
I am looking for printable slides of all CPs especially habitats,
close-ups [plants, flowers, details] and animal/plant interaction.

My snailmail address is:

Dr. Guido J. Braem
Naunheimer Str. 17
D-35633 Lahnau

I would also like to include addresses of CP organisations, Societies
etc. and a list of CP Journals. So any one out there involved with
anything that should be mentioned in the book, please contact me. As
far as Journals are concerned, please send at least 2 issues for
Societies etc. send detailed info on location and permanent contact
numbers (phone, fax, e-mail)
PS. Please make sure that you have the ZIP Code of my address right
[35633]. German Mail will delay letters with erroneous ZIP codes for
up to several months!!!

Thanks to all