Re: Pings with pitcher leaves

Juerg Steiger (
Fri, 8 Dec 1995 15:42:07 +0000

Thanks Jan for your comments.

>What I would like to know (i.e. to ask you, Jos & Juerg) is if the
>"pitcher" is really formed by lateral coalescence of leaf margins
>(reminiscent of the pitcher structure in _Sarracenia_) or if it is perhaps
>resulting from peltation (like in e.g. _Cephalotus_). This would be
>important because presently it is generally assumed that the traps of
>_Genlisea_ and _Utricularia_ are formed by peltation rather than lateral
>margin coalescence.

>So if it is possible, please try to examine or remember if there are signs
>of a "wing" or whatsoever reminiscent of leaf margin rudiments on the upper
>(adaxial) surface of the _Pinguicula_ pitchers.

I'll send pictures of the malformation to you (Jan) an Rick (for the Web).
As I once had observed a pitcher-shaped leaf also in a wildland specimen
of Primula auricula as well as in a garden cultivar of Silene I think this
malformation phenomenon to be widespread in different plant species with
similar leaf morphology. I did not pay more attention to it than just
taking some macroscopical photographs. I realize that ethanol-preservation
and microscopical examination of the leaves would have been worthwhile.
Next time when it happens I'll send you (Jan) the material for further

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