Re: pitcher pings

jos franken (
Fri, 8 Dec 95 00:48:02 PST

In CPDigest 552 Jan Schlauer writes:

What I would like to know is if the "pitcher" is really formed by
lateral coalescence of leaf margins or if it is perhaps resulting
from peltation...

Well Jan, it looks more like a Sarracenia pitcher then a Cephalotus
pitcher. I don't see signs of a "wing" or margin rudiments on the
surface of the pitchers.
For me it is difficult to tell whether the pitchers are formed by
peltation or coalescence, so I will enjoy them for another 3 or 4
weeks. Then I will cut one off, put it in alcohol en send it to you,
so you can examine it.

Jos Franken

btw who is casper?

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