Re: Repotting Sarrs

Frank Udovicic (
Wed, 29 Nov 95 10:20:43 EST

> From: Carl Mazur <CJMazur@FREENET.HAMILTON.ON.CA>
> Just a quick question, I've been growing Sarrs for 15 years now, and
> have always repotted them in early spring. I'm not sure where I heard
> this, but somewhere I either heard or read that mid winter is better. Is
> this true? The reason I ask is that, is that when I transplant them in
> the spring, I find it seems to set them back quite abit! Will winter
> transplants be less stressful? Any comments.

G'Day Carl,
While I have been growing Sarrs for only half the time that you
have, I thought you might be interested in what has worked for me. Rather
than depend on the time of the year, I repot my Sarrs when I first see the
flower buds starting to emerge. My logic for this is that 1) I won't
damage the new growth when I am handling the plants, because the flower buds
are so small and the pitchers have not emerged yet (although sometimes you
can just see the young red pitcher tips peeking out of the growing point),
and 2) the root system should recover well from any damage because the plant
is just starting active growth. This means I probably repot them in late

Frank Udovicic
Canberra, Australia