Re: Repotting Sarrs

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 27 Nov 95 17:07 EST

> From: Carl Mazur <CJMazur@FREENET.HAMILTON.ON.CA>
> Just a quick question, I've been growing Sarrs for 15 years now, and
> have always repotted them in early spring. I'm not sure where I heard
> this, but somewhere I either heard or read that mid winter is better. Is
> this true? The reason I ask is that, is that when I transplant them in
> the spring, I find it seems to set them back quite abit! Will winter
> transplants be less stressful? Any comments.

I don't thinks it is a matter of being less stressful but rather,
if done while the plants the are dormant, it won't interupt their
growth. I'm don't know how 'safe' this is for all Sarracenia but
I think it is a must for S.flava because the plants produce the best
growth in the spring. For S.luecophylla, however, I think spring
is the best time. Sarracenia are just about the easiest CP to trans-
plant so anytime of year will work but I try to get the plants when
their active growth is least likely to be effected.

Dave Evans