Re: Re: Nep. highland seedling fertilization

Joachim Nerz (
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 19:33:08 +0100 (MEZ)

On Mon, 13 Nov 1995, dave evans wrote:

> > From: Joachim Nerz <joachim.nerz@STUDENT.UNI-TUEBINGEN.DE>
> >
> Tubifex do work good for Nepenthes, but it odd that fish food
> would work so well. Anyway what Nepenthes could be thought of
> as very hard to grow, say the 3-5 most difficult species?
> Dave Evans
Dear Dave,

I think there are not 3-5 most difficult species of highland Nepenthes,
most of the highlands are quite difficult in the first years, but N.
villosa, N. edwardsiana .... seems to be some of the most hardiest to
establish from seed.