Re: Well, here goes again!

Clarke Brunt (
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 19:59:44 +0000

On 12 Nov 95 at 21:10, Doug Bosco wrote:

> I decided to give cp growing another shot (hopefully, third time is a charm)
> and bought the following from California Carnivores:
> Saracena Flava (along with a 'hitch-hiker: D. Capensis)
> S. Alata
> and a S. Hybrid - S. Leucoblasta & 'Okee Giant' (a rather small giant)
> Drosera Nitruda
> Drosera Peltata
> I think they look like they are either dormant (excepting D. Peltata) or
> close to it.
> Since I live in an apartment in the Chicago Area and put them out on my
> deck, they would freeze solid, so I doubt that would be an option.
> Should I keep them close to the window to expose them to as cold a temp
> as possible? Or should I not bother with trying to induce or keep dormancy?

I think I'd go for the 'close to the window as cool as possible
without freezing'. The Sarrs should be happy with that. As we've just
been discussing, Drosera peltata *should* be growing now in the
nothern hemisphere. You should expect it to go dormant in
Spring/Summer. I've not heard of D. nitruda - is this a good name? -
it arouses my suspicions.

Clarke Brunt (