Re: _N.fusca/stenophylla/maxima_

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 17:47:23 +0100

Hello Johannes,

>Where is G.Kemul in Borneo?

G.Kemul (or Dutch, Kemoel) is in Kalimantan (the Indonesian S part of
Borneo), some distance E of the main mountain ridge which traverses the
island +/- from N to S.

>I think the description of N.fusca by Danser is clear, although he gave
>only one location: G. Kemoel. There are some differences between the
>types found on G. Kinabalu, Tambunan Road, G.Trus Madi and Murud. But
>if you think of the differences between the many types of N.mirabilis
>we can close them under N.fusca.

I do not doubt this. But the plants are very similar to the (original)
_N.stenophylla_ of MASTERS (not of DANSER), and _N.stenophylla_ MAST. is
obviously the older name.

>The nearness to N.maxima ist obvious at the first sight. But if you have
>a look under the lid you will see the clear difference: the glandular crest
>and the glandular boss. The latter you will find only at N. maxima and at

Yes, this seems to be the main distinguishing feature. But my question is
if specimens from N Borneo exist which have both, the crest and the boss
(i.e. belong to _N.maxima_ s.str.). I do know such specimens from E Borneo

I am nearly entirely unbelieving as far as _N.maxima_ records from Sumatra
are concerned (mentioned once by ADAM & WILCOCK). But I have not seen the
respective specimens.

Kind regards