Re: Drosera Hybrids

Jan Schlauer (
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 17:06:15 +0100

Dear Phil,

>> 1. _D.intermedia * rotundifolia_
>>(...) DIELS did not
>> believe that the type of D.(*?)beleziana is really a hybrid (he thought
>> itmight be a form of _D.intermedia_).

Sorry, I have confused something. DIELS discussed D.*beleziana under
_D.rotundifolia_ (not _D.intermedia_). But still he did not believe in its
hybrid nature. On the other hand, he cited specimens of this hybrid from
Europe, so he obviously believed that such hybrids exist.

>Sorry to contradict you but I have seen the hybrid D. x beleziana growing in
>many of the Dorset and Hampshire bogs here in the UK.

No need to apologize but have you talked about this with CROWDER, GRUBB &
LANGLOIS, already? They wrote (together with the Late M.C.PEARSON):
"The hybrid _D.rotundifolia * D.intermedia_ (=D.beleziana CAMUS) has not
been found in the British Isles. Our attempted crosses using both species
as pollen parents, were unsuccessful." (in J.Ecol.78:249, 1990).

Kind regards