re: terrestrial Utriclaria
Fri, 3 Nov 95 6:17:07 

Hi All,
I have an interesting question I would like to ask the ultricularia and
sarracenia group. Recently I have heard (more then once) that if you have
terrestrial utricularias growing with your sarracenias, that the sarracenias
are supposed to look, do etc. better. I have heard this from a couple of
people who swear by it. I do not know what relationship the utric. play with
the sarracenias or if one ultricularia plant is better then the next to grow
with the sarracenias. If anyone has had heard of this or has had similar
results, I would like to hear comments.
I seem to get algae in everything potted plant I grow and I don't really have
a way of controlling it. I've tried re potting my plants, but within a short
time the algae is right back. I get the slim type algae which is a pain in the
a.. to get rid of. If someone has any tips in controlling algae on top of the
soil and in water, I would like to hear there advice.
Charles Brewer