Re: Bryastrum

Jan Schlauer (
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 15:36:13 +0100

Dear Phil,

>There are some other good orange flowered species such as
>D. echinoblastus, D. leucoblastus and even an orange flowered D. pulchella.

The name _D.echinoblastus_ is already a somewhat ugly combination. A
substantival epithet (only as such it is acceptable) is at least not
elegant if an adjectival one (like in _D.leucoblasta_, published 128 years
earlier) is possible. But the MARCHANT & LOWRIE name is still valid in this
rather clumsy form.

However, "D.leucoblast*us*" really hurts at least in my eyes. The original
(and correct) spelling is _D.leucoblasta_ (_Drosera_ is female, the epithet
is adjectival). Please use the original form. Thank you very much.

Kind regards