Re: Drosera flower colours

Peter Cole (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 18:40:13 GMT

dave evans writes:
> Hi Fernando,
> That pink flowered D rotundifolia from Seosamh M. turned out to be
> a 'pink herring'. He had been told by the people he got it from
> that it was D.rotundifolia but after I saw a leaf he sent, it turns
> out that it is really D.spatulata. So as of yet, there seem to be no
> D.rotundifolia w/ pink petals.

I've had rotundifolia from local (Welsh,) stock produce pink petals
this Spring in a dramatic change from the usual white. I'm still
not sure why, but the extremely intense artificial lighting (at
almost point-blank range,) might have had something to do with it.

Slack (I think it was Slack,) mentions that there are consistently
pink-petalled specimens to be found occasionally in North America,
though I've never seen one before my own 'freaks'.

Happy growing,