Re: D. capensis seed

Peter Cole (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 20:31:15 GMT

Dhalsim/Raiden <> writes:
> Subject: What do D. Capensis seeds look like/VFT question
> My D. Capensis flowered about 1 month ago and some of the flowers are
> black and "crisp". Previou posts stated that this was the time when
> they would be giving off their seeds so I would have to shake them(while
> a piece of paper was under the flower) to catch the seed. My question is
> this: WHat do D. Capensis seeds look like? Are they oval shaped like
> regular seeds? When I tap the flower, I see black, straight, tiny things
> fall out but I don't know if thats the crispened flower petal.

Yup, those are the seeds - thousands upon thousands of them, each
and every one of which (well, almost,) will grow up into another
plant. Now I guess you know why some people call it weedy :)

Happy growing,