CP trip

Fernando Rivadavia Lopes (ferndriv@usp.br)
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 22:23:38 -0200 (GRNLNDDT)

Tomorrow (Saturday) morning I'll be leaving on another CP trip,
so don't anybody get mad at me if I don't answer your messages for a
around 10 days! I intend to visit 3 mountain ranges in S and E Minas
Gerais state, mainly to collect 3 new species belonging to the D.villosa
complex. It's now Spring here in Brazil, and this is usually the
only time you'll find the taxa of the D.villosa complex in flower. I've
never seen these 3 taxa in flower, in fact, one of them I only know from
herbarium. I'll hopefully also be seeing lots of other interesting Utrics
and Genlisea. I'll be visiting the TYPE locations of G.lobata and
G.violacea. I'll tell you all about the trip when I get back. 'Till

Fernando Rivadavia
Sao Paulo, Brazil