Re: WWW dont leave us behind

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Fri, 27 Oct 95 17:32 EDT

> From: kevin.snively@PSTBBS.COM
> >From: Barry Meyers-Rice <>
> >But is there much interest in a pure text version for people without
> >web access?
> >But are there many people who would like a non-web copy?
. Some of the most frequently asked questions are the
> same as those asked on the CP. list. "How do I take care of my VFT?"
> "Where can I buy CP.?" "Are there any other books about CP. besides
> X?" "Are there any clubs in my area?" ect....
> Access to the information in the CP. Archive has gone a long
> way in easing the burden of this job, and toward getting answers
> out to People who are looking for them. At least 292 people so
> far this year. More people read your words than you know!

I'm wondering, if the introdution letter that is sent out to
people when they subscribe could be re-witten so as to direct
those just joining to the the achives? I think I raised a similar
point/idea a while back, though I don't recall the out come.

Perhaps the files index should be sent along with the intro and
word for word example of a message which will get you a particular
file out of the archives. I know I had some difficultly at first
and had to mail some questions to Rick Walker, I'm sure I'm not
alone in this regard. Perhaps even direct them to the CP faq?

I joined over a year so all this might be on the intro...

Trying to help, Dave Evans