Re: VFT lifespan

Clarke Brunt (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 20:02:04 +0000

On 25 Oct 95 at 7:11, Charles Wong wrote:

> I've been feeding my VFT regularly with normal flies. However, I've noticed
> that after feeding the same trap about 4 bugs, the trap goes yellow and
> starts decaying.
> Is this normal? Or should the traps last indefinitely?

4 seems quite good going for a VFT trap. They can turn brown even
after their first insect if it's a big one. Just ignore it and assume
that the plant will use the fertiliser from 4 insects to grow lots
of *new* traps. How often do you 'feed' them? Perhaps you should do
it a bit less often - after all the traps look better when they
are open!

Clarke Brunt (