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Thu, 26 Oct 95 09:19:52 CST

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>I'm a bit slack with my plants, and keep them on the floor of the glasshouse
>and water overhead occasionally - I have lost a couple of species, but most
>are going OK. Tray watering is a bit risky for some of these plants, unless
>you know their natural habitat. Some grow in swampy areas, but others are
>in sandy heathland which is exceptionally well-drained, so tray watering may
>rot them.
>At the moment, I'm waiting to catch my D. callistos in full bloom. I missed
>the first two flowers but the third is due to open in the next couple of days
>if the weather stays fine... Luckily a second scape has appeared, so I'm
>in with a chance!
Thanks John, The one species I have was labelled D. callistos when I got
them. Do yours have salmon colored flowers, and what sort of conditions,
swampy or well-drained, do they prefer? The problem is some want to go
dormant and the ones in another pot do not. They have flowered already, but
have not produced gemmae in over a year. I'm also confused as to whether they
go dormant during the summer in the southern or northern hemisphere.
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