Re: _Drosera_ flower colours & _capensis_ seed

Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 19:56:27 +0100

Dear Fernando,

> So do pink-flowered D.rotundifolia really exist or not? Anyone?
>If they do, I would imagine it's more like a salmon pink than the
>pink-lilac observed in D.spatulata.

Pink specimens of "D.rotundifolia" are probably misidentified. I do not
know of any reliable report of pink petals in true _D.rotundifolia_.

However, if you have a white flowered specimen, this does not at all need
to be _D.rotundifolia_ (especially if it is not from Europe or W Asia).

Dear DIo,

>My question is this: WHat do D. Capensis seeds look like?

My question is: Do you have a good hand lens or a microscope? _Drosera_
seeds are small.

> Are they oval shaped like regular seeds?

I do not know what you would call regular seeds but those of _D.capensis_
are decidedly not oval. On the contrary, they are very narrow with the seed
coat projecting beyond the embryo on either side (fusiform or spindle

> When I tap the flower, I see black, straight, tiny things
>fall out but I don't know if thats the crispened flower petal.

The crispened petals are neither black nor are they straight (they may be
tiny but if crispened, they are of irregular shape). So if you can
distinguish at least two (mostly there are very many per capsule, however)
tiny things which look like those you have described, they are very
probably seeds.

Kind regards