Re: Greenies..last posting

John Walker (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 10:12:13 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

We do like to have spirited discussions don't we! I have enjoyed the
various replys posted to the list.

Regarding habitat distruction, let me say that I hate to see ANY land
destroyed, whether it is dry lands or wet lands. It's just that I'm a
realist. I know it's going to happen and it's going to happen faster and
faster as the population increases. No habitat destruction means no
development and thats not going to happen, where would the humans live? For
those who feel that humans are destroying the earth with pollution,
development, or any other fashion (and I'm not saying this isn't happening)
I pose the following question:

How many new humans (children) have you littered the earth with personally?
Each person you bring into the world only adds to the burden the earth must
support. Each child eventually will need a home of it's own, a school to
attend, shopping malls to keep it's self supplied, farm land to grow the
food it will eat, etc. All of this requires that lots of land be developed
(destroyed). This is not to mention the oil, coal, steel, copper, etc. that
must be removed from the land, often destroying the land in the removal
process. Then there is the air and water pollution that is created when
these things are processed and used.

The only way to slow down this process is to have the human population stop
increasing (zero population growth). To stop the process the human
population would have to vanish. If you are serious about stopping habitat
destruction don't have ANY children (I don't).

Dave said,
The things we are doing to Earth are shameful and if we were
>around in the time of the dinosaurs, I'm sure we would be the reason
>they died!

Listen to what you said! They went extict whithout our help and yet you
STILL want to blame people. You almost sound disapointed that we can't
blame this event on people. No offense Dave, but statements like this is
where the term "environmental whacko" comes from.

With all this said, I think I'll be joining Tom and Chrissy in posting
things more CP related.

Happy Growing,
John Walker