Re: Drosera flower colors

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Tue, 24 Oct 95 16:23 EDT

> From: Fernando Rivadavia Lopes <ferndriv@USP.BR>
> A few months ago we discussed varying flower colors in Drosera,
> as in the case of D.rotundifolia which had white flowers one year and
> pink flowers the next. I believe the
> North American ones do not have this characteristic, but am not familiar
> Fernando Rivadavia

Hi Fernando,
That pink flowered D rotundifolia from Seosamh M. turned out to be
a 'pink herring'. He had been told by the people he got it from
that it was D.rotundifolia but after I saw a leaf he sent, it turns
out that it is really D.spatulata. So as of yet, there seem to be no
D.rotundifolia w/ pink petals.

Dave Evans