Re: Pinguicula esseriana

Clarke Brunt (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 20:32:18 +0100

On 19 Oct 95 at 14:11, J. Tranell Lindstrom wrote:

> Could someone tell me how they flower this species of Pinguicula? I grow
> under fluorescent lights (four tubes). The plants multiply quite nicely,
> but do not bloom. Other species and hybrid Pinguicula (moranensis and
> agnata X gypsicola) flower well.

I assume that I have P. esseriana - they were obtained anonymously,
but look like all pictures of the plant.

Mine flower in mid-Winter in an ordinary British cool greenhouse
(temperatures down to 45F/8C). Sometimes I have trouble with
botrytis mould attacking the rosettes in Winter, but detached
leaves easily produce more plants. Indeed the plane sometimes
seems intentionally to eject leaves from the centre of the

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