Re: CP books again

Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 21:28:51 +0100

Dear Michael & al.,

>Someone recently posted about mis-identified Nepenthes photos shown
>in one of the popular CP books. What do ya'll think about a list
>of "errata" on the CP web page? I know I've spotted a number of bad
>ids. in several CP books.

Perhaps you may have wondered what is the meaning of "auct. non..." in the
author citation of some names on the web page. Here is the solution: it is
exactly what you are proposing, i.e. a reference to misused names. These
names are usually called homonyms (same name for another plant). If you
know some which are not yet included in the database (this may well be, I
am not aware of *all* nonsense which has been published about cps), please
send me full references and I will include them in revised editions. Thank
you for your help.

Kind regards