Re: CP books overview

Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 20:06:18 +0100

Dear Ivo

>An overview:
>* proportional to quality: 0 not dealt with
> * exists
> ** quite good
> *** bravo
> **** outstanding

>Juniper **** 0 *DPh SciCP E CP phenomenon on a scientific

>Lloyd *** 0 *DBW SciCP E old but good

I do not entirely share your views here. The book by JUNIPER & al. is much
more recent (and a +/- valuable compilation of references), but it is
poorly organized by phenomena rather than by taxa, which scatters the
information across the whole book (probably with the intention to appear
scientific-ish but I just find it annoying). The prize you have to pay for
the work is far too high.

On the other hand, LLOYD despite the fact that his book is rather old it is
a concise manual presenting virtually all data known at that time in a form
agreeable for both laypersons and scientists. This book decidedly deserves
a higher ranking (must/classic). Furthermore, a cheap paperback edition is

>Casper, S. Jost: "Monographie Der Gattung Pinguicula L.". Bibliotheca
> Botanica Heft 127/128, Vol.31, 1966. ISSN ?.
> Descr.: in German, ? pp., ? drawings. It deals with all Pings known at
> that time. Especially the Mexican Pings need a review

Yes, but it is especially the species described *after* CASPER which most
urgently need a review (or in some cases rather annulment!).

Kind regards