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Richard Marsden (redbaron@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Sat, 14 Oct 95 18:57 BST-1

Hi folks,
My D. capensis have reached the point where the potted-on clumps need to be
split into individual plants. Fine, no problem here.
The original pot of D. capensis - about 5" dia is about 3/4 full of tightly
packed D. capensis, clearly overcrowded. Also, it looks like I've neglected to
water them - they've lost their dew, and some of the leaves are curling and
dying. Just run-out of rainwater, so I've given them some remedial tapwater.
Thinking of putting them outside as a "kill-em-or-cure-em" solution - we just
don't have the space or the pots for them all (let alone rainwater!).

Anyone had any success in growing D. capensis outside, in England? (location:
Yorkshire, about 150m elevation, garden has sheltered spots, snow (var.) and
frost in winter)
I know Drosera grow naturally in the UK (I've seen them in Skye), but these
aren't capensis. Can capensis be made to grow in this sort of climate?